Month: February 2018

Christopher Nawojczyk: Completely Sick of Apostate Patriotism

“DISGUSTING” is what I have to say. One would have to be a complete moron to actually believe those lyrics. Anyone with half a brain who’s studied American history knows that the United States lost most of its freedom starting after the Civil War when Abraham Lincoln imposed the first federal income tax on August 5, 1861.

Ron Paul Liberty Report: Democrats and Republicans Have No Problem with Spending

Government spending today is insane, yet Democrats and Republicans ignore the dangers like foolish children. The United States is over 20 trillion dollars in debt, but Democrats want to continue spending on programs like welfare handouts and higher taxes, and Republicans want to give welfare to corporations and fund the military for foreign wars.

Trump Wants Another Government Shutdown if No Compromise Made; Christopher Nawojczyk Concurs

Good. Let the government be shutdown again—we don’t need most of them anyway. The federal government is far to big and overbearing in all rationality. Having another shutdown due to Democrats refusing to compromise on immigration is appropriate, and refusing to enhance security from gangs like MS-13 is just STUPID.

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