Month: April 2018 campus in Seattle, Washington.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Earned $9 Billion in Two Days: Open Source Intel Reveals the Facts

CHRISTOPHER NAWOICHIK: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos soared to become the richest man in the world. His original e-commerce business expanded to magnificent proportions and outcompeted others to the point of putting them out of business. I am not anti-capitalist. I fully support an unrestrained free market with sound money (no central bank). However, the question I have with making $9 billion in two days is whether the company pays taxes.

Craigslist Miami Rental Ads by Free-Loving People: Not so ‘Liberal’

From a Craigslist post advertising a room for rent entitled, $300 Lovely Master Bedroom Private Bath Walk in Closet !!! (Miami), the sublessors’ offer is not so ‘liberal’ despite the initial claim. They are actually quite intolerable and one-sided despite their freedom-oriented description. If you look up hypocrisy in the dictionary, you will find these people listed there.

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