Meet The Director: Christopher Nawojczyk

Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO) Chris Nawojczyk

California 76 Intelligence Agency is overseen by the Director, Christopher Nawojczyk. Chris is committed to upholding the principles and ideologies of Natural Law that established the United States. He grew up in Southeastern Massachusetts where he developed an appreciation for the ideologies of American heritage, authentic patriotism, and individual liberty. This website and organization was created by Chris through his passion for advocating freedom and his natural gifts in learning how to code open source software. Thus, Cal Open Source Agency is a cyber home-base for Chris’s original ideas and sentiments.

At age 11 in the fourth grade, after learning about the American Revolution’s beginnings in Boston and Middlesex County, Chris began spectating the reenactments of Lexington and Concord. He soon learned how to play the fife and joined Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Companie, in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

At age 23, half way through college and full of ambition, Chris enlisted in the United States Marine Corps along with his brother, Adam. He joined with the intention of eventually finishing his bachelor’s degree and become a commissioned officer, which he did after a few years. Lieutenant Nawojczyk was commissioned in May of 2011.

By spring of 2012, Chris studiously observed Washington politics. He studied the vast community of alternative media activists and patriotic Americans standing up against tyranny: known as the liberty movement. Congressman Ron Paul ran for president in his second campaign at this time, whom Chris developed much respect for. Upon reading Dr. Paul’s then newly released book, Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom, Lieutenant Nawojczyk’s thinking started to change.

Lt Chris Nawojczyk, USMC wearing green cammies at TBS in Quantico, Virginia.
Lt Chris Nawojczyk, USMC wearing green cammies at TBS in Quantico, Virginia.

Moreover, Chris was attending The Basic School (TBS) in Quantico, Virginia. He noticed a lack of authentic patriotism among his peers. The majority simply wanted to either go to war, lead men, or do the traditional duties of service without paying heed to the gross atrocities of U.S. foreign policy and its endlessly aggressive wars overseas via the military-industrial complex. Chris became disgusted with both the unvirtuous character of many Marine peers and superior officers, along with the immoral American Empire as a whole.

Lt Christopher Nawojczyk USMC commissioning in dress blue uniform.
Lt Christopher Nawojczyk USMC commissioning in dress blue uniform.

Aside from the training pipeline being corrupt and highly political—with fraternity-like favoritism among platoon members’ peer evaluations, playing ‘kissy-face’ with their friends—Christopher decided it was enough. Subsequently, he voluntarily resigned his commission and received an honorable discharge after 6 years of active duty service. Chris could have stayed in longer, continued his officer career, and moved to his next duty station, but instead chose to honor his conscience out of upstanding, righteous intent.

Further, Christopher became disenchanted with mainstream neoconservative thinking, and the United States’ interventionist foreign policy overseas. This led him to eventually create this campaign organization and go to law school. It dawned on him that there was a need to boldly stand and uphold our longstanding ideologies built on individual liberty, self-determination, self-government, and limited government before they are lost. Thus, Chris feels divinely called to take on this responsibility—in the face of ridicule.

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