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Famous painting of General George Washington by John Trumbull.
Famous painting of General George Washington by John Trumbull.

California 76 Intelligence Agency exists to spread the ideas of liberty and educate the American people on their natural rights in order to advance the Cause of Liberty. We cannot do this without your support. We sincerely thank everyone who donates because it demonstrates the labor of virtue of which we all partake—we are in this together to promote the agenda of public awareness and uphold the principles of individual freedom and personal sovereignty which are hallmarks of American heritage.

Whether through your purchase of products in the online store or direct donations here, you are supporting a patriotic agency that remains faithful and true to our founding ideologies without compromise. Currently, all donations fund the operations, maintenance and publishing efforts of Director Christopher Nawojczyk.

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CHRISTOPHER NAWOJCZYK: This campaign is a labor of love for the noble cause we believe in. I am committed to disseminating the information on this site that will open the eyes of people by helping to cultivate positive change for the better. Our society is largely ignorant of the tenets of liberty that made this nation great. By contributing to this effort through direct financial support or e-commerce purchases you are funding the long hours I spend writing articles, collecting intelligence on the road, and editing videos for our YouTube channel.

Though I enjoy reporting news as an independent journalist, researching data for public intelligence, and traveling to places in California for collecting information, the content I produce is still hard work. I feel a duty to do this, and your generous support is surely appreciated. For those who donate $100.00 or more directly, I welcome you to open a dialog with me via phone or email in order to collaborate further in our common agenda. Obviously, supporters of California 76 share similar sentiments concerning the upholding the principles of constitutional law and natural rights. Thus our working together can foster great change down the road for the prosperity, freedom and education of the American people. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.