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‘Dump’ Illegal Migrants in the Neighborhoods of Pelosi, Obama, Bloomberg and Clinton

RAMONA—Outrage sprung up today in the Democratic Party over President Trump’s threat to “dump” detained migrants into California’s sanctuary cities. Tension has grown in the Trump administration over the state’s refusal to cooperate with federal immigration officials. Instead of letting the progressive deceive the public with their dishonest pleas to virtue and compassion, let’s put the very people they claim to welcome so much onto their very own streets.

From Los Angeles Times:

Trump threatens to dump immigrants into California’s ‘sanctuary cities’

“President Trump taunted California on Friday with an attention-grabbing threat to dump detained migrants into the state’s “sanctuary cities,” despite warnings from his advisors that such action would run afoul of the law.”

“The presidential rhetoric seemed geared toward provocation, and it was unclear how seriously he intended it. Trump has made previous threats against the state, including one to withhold disaster relief money after devastating wildfires, without ultimately following through.”

President Donald Trump highlights the hypocrisy of progressive left’s push for unrestrained immigration.

Since the leftist elite so earnestly want to welcome all with open arms—adamantly opposing laws to prevent criminal gangs and freebee seekers—stack the migrants into their pristine White neighborhoods. NONE of the advocates for sanctuary cities and open borders live in racially diverse or low-socioeconomic locations. They ALL reside in upper-class WASP zip codes where the people they allegedly support could never afford to live. This includes the Clintons, the Obamas, Nancy Pelosi, Michael Bloomberg, etc. etc. They are utter HYPOCRITES who use the immigration flood to recruit voters with false promises, as they virtue signal from the bully pulpit. These are sick narcissists with sociopathic tendencies.

Nothing the government does comes free, and none of the welfare handouts that Democrats claim to provide are sustainable. I have said before, if the federal and state governments did not have social assistance, none of the people storming the southern border would be trying to get in. Obviously I have nothing against noble, hard-working immigrants wanting to come legally to contribute and build a better life. However, this immigration crisis is a human wave that is sure to bring the nation down if we don’t stop it. Socialist welfare programs are both immoral and unAmerican.

Tucker Carlson speaks out:

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