African American man from Long Beach, California, advocates Democratic Party Liberals have destroyed the Golden State.

[Video 5:47] California Native: “Thanks to you DEMOCRATS and LIBERALS for destroying California.”

This African American man from Long Beach, California is sick and tired of leftist Democratic Party laws turning the Golden State into a garbage heap of illegal immigration and gross poverty. He’s not afraid to speak out and tell it like it is. Good on him! More and more regular people are waking up to reality concerning the outrageous state policies in California. Neo-liberals have lost their mind; thus leftist thought is often void of reason due to its tenets based on immature sentiments that appease the simple. Sounds harsh, but unfortunately narcissistic college professors, movie stars and the like dominate the left. Ideologies are crafted in a way that brings praise and support to its authors.

For example, Democratic politicians for open borders have the underlying motive of bringing more votes to themselves by allowing under-skilled third-world immigrants to flood the country and suckle off the dime of the government. Welfare programs, free healthcare and free education are promised to those who are dependent on the state to survive.

Such masses of people will surely heed to the voices who promise freebees at apparently no expense. Such “free” handouts are not actually free at all, but come with a price. The government will have to raise taxes in one economic sector in order to provide the funds for the other. Nothing in life comes with a free lunch Anyone who claims the government can create jobs, provide healthcare, public education or social security is lying. As if there is a magic money tree that only government officials have access to. Most certainly not: anything the state does comes with FORCE and COERCION—because if a law is passed which you refuse to obey, it will use the courthouse and police against you.

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