Former CIA clandestine case officer Robert David Steele speaking at a lecture.

(YouTube 1:09:18) Robert Steele on Midterms and Donald Trump Saving America

CHRISTOPHER NAWOJCZYK: Many will not agree with me that President Trump is a stop-wall against the dangerous rise of neoliberal authoritarian doctrine sweeping the United States today. Not that everything he does is good. I disagree with Trump on certain fronts, namely the promotion of Police State USA and a sort of patriotism that disregards the ideals of individual liberty from the Founding, turning the word into an apostate religion.

I am strict on politicians who play with the fire of government because what they do affects me. The Constitution is the oldest document still governing a nation. The reason is because it was carefully drafted on timeless, ingenious ideals that align with the Natural Order in this universe. It designates three branches of government—DELIBERATELY to preserve freedom by safeguarding against corruption. The Founders knew that creating an Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branch with equal power, but different roles, would result in ‘gridlock’ for the purpose of preventing power concentration among the few.

The Republic (Not Democracy) Must Remain

We are NOT a democracy. We are a constitutional republic, or as many say a ‘democratic republic.’ True democracy is tyranny by the majority. However, when people can vote and influence the direction of the state through free speech, political activism, running for office themselves, and voting with their dollars and ballots, an opposing force is created against those who sit in high positions. The only problem, however, is that if the masses FALL ASLEEP—forget it. This is a major problem in our nation today.

In this interview former CIA officer Robert David Steele talks about how Trump’s presidency enabled activists like him to have a stronger voice of influence. If it wasn’t for the Trump movement that swept across the USA with people who were fed up with corruption beyond measure, many alternative grass-roots citizens would not have the platform they currently do.

The Wall is a Last Resort

I have remarked in previous posts about how I disagree with having a wall, but it’s necessary at present. I see it as a secondary ‘plan B’ due to how out of control the immigration system has become. The chief instigator in the decades-long border crisis is the welfare state. Take away the ability for people to come here and get free stuff and you won’t have freeloaders coming. The only people wanting to emigrate would be upstanding go-getters with a goal—like our ancestors who came here two or three generations ago, mostly from Europe. They knew they would get nothing free, but would have to work and build a life from scratch.

Regarding globalism and the multinational elite, it is true that many of Trump’s enemies are those in the Democratic and Republican parties. Those who hold the two-party tyranny together have dominated the public for years, and are infuriated by an outsider with money who doesn’t play the games of politics. Trump is not perfect, but he is definitely not a payed-off lobbyist pet like many in Washington. He has fallen short on some promises, and I see this is a result of his cabinet appointments, many of whom are neocons and big-establishment types. This is his fault though, no excuse.

I do not support Trump’s construction of the military-industrial complex and the continuation of our interventionism abroad. Allocating a 716 billion dollar budget is NOT a bright for both the economy and our international relations. I support a strong national defense (unlike Obama who knowingly allowed the depletion of US military equipment), but the Trump administration’s increase of DoD spending and its furtherance of martial presence abroad is disgusting.

Here is Robert David Steele:

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